Wednesday, September 22, 2004

From a soldier in Iraq

This is from Ginmar, a soldier blogger in Iraq.

I believed what I was told.

My doubts have arisen because of what I've seen---and haven't seen. I believe there has to be a standard for democracy like there is for medicine: first do no harm. When the number of soldiers killed here equals the number of people killed on September 11th, will people be healed? Especially now, now that we have inadvertantly caused the very problem we supposedly came here to solve: Al Qaeda in Iraq.

They were not here before.Now they are.

That's all I have to say for now.

But for now I can say it here. And whoever wants me to fight and die, but do so with my lips zipped needs to discover what all despots do: frustrate free speech early, and watch it grow too large to contain later.Sooner or later. Decide. Let me talk now or let me and every one like me become so frustrated that it becomes too huge to contain.

Hopefully in about two months.

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vrangel said...

After extensive bitching she is posting as usual.

Army brass hates scandals. CB could have raised hell and he would be back in action in a week or so. Instead he folded quietly.
Probably he is not that kind of guy, it takes a certain character to do it.

vrangel said...

Once you figure out how army ticks you can fight back.

When I was a lieutenant in the Soviet Army one major from regiment HQ never missed a chance to give me a hard time. He was married to a daughter of a really big general (a marshall actually) in Moscow and was making a meteoric career.

So on another occasion I just told him that in presence of other officers.
He left me alone for good.

Next thing I know, I am walking somewhere off duty and division commander pulls his SUV next to me. And asks if I need a ride...
(Basically he was giving me a hint that I'm ok as far as he is concerned.)

Paul G. said...

Doverie vospominanii - you?

vrangel said...

Doverie vospominanii ? Ne v kurse dela.

Link ?

Paul G. said...

I know the city that carries your name.
Interesting area.

vrangel said...

Never heard of the city.

Vrangel was the last general of the Volunteer White Army who fought bolsheviks in waning months of russian civil war .

And then there is Vrangel island in Arctic ocean, place
where woolly mammoth survived longer than anywhere else on earth.

I like "it ain't over till it's over , don't tell me the odds " theme. :)

Paul G. said...

Vrangel is in the Primorye district near Vladivostok.
Vladivostok is why I know about it and yes it is named for the General.