Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The guy who wrote "Peace Train" denied entry - we have crazy people in charge of our security

This report suggest how inept the adminstration is at national security:

The singer formerly known as Cat Stevens was denied entry to the U.S. because of national security concerns.

Yusuf Islam, the former pop singer Cat Stevens, was removed from a plane bound for Washington from London Tuesday when his name showed up on a U.S. watchlist. The plane was diverted to Maine's Bangor International Airport. A department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesman said Islam was denied admission to the United States "on national security grounds." He was questioned by the FBI and immigration officials. Islam, who recently spoke out against the massacre of more than 300 people in a Russian school, will be returned to England on Wednesday.

A statement posted on a fan-supported Web site says that listing Islam on a government watch list "is certainly an error."

The statement also calls it a "sad state of affairs" when "a peace-loving pop star can be grouped into the same category as Osama Bin Laden just because of his chosen faith."

Last year, Islam released two songs, including a re-recording of his '70s hit "Peace Train," to express his opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

Wow, am I glad they caught him before he could, uhhh, sing Kumbaya or hold a peace rally. He is REALLY dangerous. After all, he is probably writing songs for Osama and Iran recently allowed his songs to be sold there. And his name sounds Islamic - it's "Islam." What else do you need to know?

They diverted the plane in mid-flight, preventing him from attacking us with... rhetoric against all forms of violence. Whew. That was close. Really glad the Bush team is so on the job protecting us from former stars. Look out Muhammed Ali, you're next.

And they are still sending him back. Idiots. What's next, the attack of the teletubbies?

Oh, I forgot, they're homos anyway. Are they on the watch-list?


Jamie said...

what puzzles me is they identified a 'possible' terrorist AFTER the plane departed. Umm...

vrangel said...

He threatened passengers with singing. :P

this we'll defend said...

Vrangel !!! ROFLMAO !!!

Frater Bovious said...

Someone said they had his album, Catch Bull at Four, and all they heard was bullet.

Actually, I thought he was hindu, not muslim. Learn sumpin new ever day!

Vadergrrrl said...

Its sad that someone's religous beliefs now makes them a terrorist.

leftyjones said...

I was somewhere between stunned and amused when I first read the story. I mean, here we have Mr. formerly sixties-hippie dude and he.....

( LOUD knock on my door)

Lefty: Um...hello?

Voice at door: Mr. LeftyIslam???

Lefty:'s LeftyJONES and who wants to know?

Voice at door: Mr. Islam, we're from Blogland Security sir....we're going to have to ask that you step away from the computer. We have you on a Keyboard watchlist.

Lefty: I said, its LeftyJONES...not leftyISLAM....what the hell is wrong with you people?

(Door crashes down)- Mr. have the right to remain silent......

damn that Blond Pompousity....I knew she'd send them after me!!!!!


Jamie said...

why do you think he was still refused entry?

and aren't you all sick of hearing this excuse - "on national security grounds" transparently bogus. Everytime I hear it I get that feeling I got in school when the teacher asked some kid why he didn't do his homework and he just spits out the first lame excuse he can think of..." little sister...was playing with matches...and uhhh...she burned the house down...its true!" and the press corps eat it up with a spoon..."Uhh ok...national security, I guess its ok to racially profile just anyone and refuse entry..."

And you wonder why the hate continues to grow...

Paul G. said...

If they go after everyone that ever did anything for a Muslim based charity, Al-Bono had better look out.

Johnny said...

The fun part was that they *diverted the plane*. Usually when an "undesirable" arrives in the U.S., they just stop'em at customs at the destination, turn'em around, and send'em back from where they came. Diverting an entire jet airliner just isn't done unless a passenger is threatening the safety of the other passengers -- it costs tens of thousands of dollars, inconveniences the other passengers, etc. But Cat Stevens was obviously too dangerous for that. Why, he might have BROKE OUT IN SONG as the plane approached Washington, causing the pilot to go insane and crash the plane into the White House, where the landing gear would have pressed the Big Red Button that launched our missiles at China, Russia, and Canada, which then would have responded by launching their *own* missiles back at us (well, except for Canada, which would have settled for tossing poutaine across the border at us -- evil stuff, that poutaine!), and we would have ALL DIED!

No no, we couldn't have that! I applaud the Department of Homeland Security for their wise move in saving us from VOICES OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

Yours in gratitude for a job well done,
John Asscroft, Attorney General, Untied States of America