Monday, September 06, 2004


Swiftvets is still telling lies about John Kerry. Don't believe me? Then check out their own website where they make charges that cancel each other out in their haste to lie about a veteran's record. Here is the link:

Here are two quotes only a few paragraphs apart on the Swiftvet's website - I won't comment on them, you decide if the Swiftvets Lying for Bush are telling the truth about both, or one, or none. But if they aren't telling the truth about both why believe their other unsubstantiated allegations? BECAUSE YOU WANT TO, and the truth or falsity is of no concern.

Quote Number 1:

There are also gaps in the documentation made public to date by the Kerry campaign, where NO FITNESS REPORTS ARE PROVIDED AT ALL.

Quote Number 2:

Knowing the above, what do the FITREPs SELECTIVELY RELEASED by the Kerry campaign say about John Kerry as a junior officer in the U.S. Navy?

I'll make it easier:

partial quote number 1: "NO FITNESS REPORTS ARE PROVIDED AT ALL."
partial quote number 2: "FITREPs SELECTIVELY RELEASED"

Here is a link to ALL the military records including fitness reports(not including medical records, which are private and personal):

Here is a link to just the fitness reports:

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91ghost said...

Get your hands on the latest edition of Atlantic Monthly and read "Bush's Lost Year."