Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'm proud of our democracy tonight

Tonight I watched the debate. Whether you are a Kerry or Bush supporter, you should admit that tonight was an example of what is best about our system. Both candidates addressed each other civilly and were forced to appeal to the real boss - the American People. They had to stand on their own and explain themselves. No other form of government reminds leaders so much that they serve the people and not the other way around. Now the People will decide. I was proud. Whether we make the right or wrong decision on who should be president we will all be responsible for it - we have consent of the governed, and no president can lead without it.

So who won?

If youwant, please answer some or all of the following questions:

1) who do you think won?

2) Did the debate change your vote or change the way you are leaning if still undecided?

3) what was the best moment/worst moment for the candidates?

4) anything else you want to comment on in regards to the debate?


vrangel said...

Kerry won. He looked as a credible candidate.
Bush had a chance to put him away for good and he didn't.
I guess Kerry's numbers will improve, but not enough to win elections.

However if you put style and debating skills aside and look strictly on the substance of what was said, I am with Bush . And by the way I liked "moolahs"... :)

fbg46 said...

In a just world, that would be that -- John Kerry could start working on his inaugural address. But if it were a just world, Al Gore would be President, we would have taken out Al Qaeda and have 100,000 + plus troops along the Afhgan border (where they should be) and none in Iraq, so what's the point of going there . . .

Watching the debate on C-Span's split screen brought home just what a feckless little fratboy Dear Leader truly is. Simply stated, the man has no character, or more accurately, he has the character of a spoiled bully. And character is indeed one of items on the job description for President of the US of A.

Kerry did what he had to do -- showed all the unpolled voters who consciously or subconsciously have decided that Bush is a disaster but aren't sure that Kerry will be any better -- that he indeed can handle the job.

No one knows that better than Karl, and the one thing we can definitely bank on for the month of October is that ol' Karl will not go gently into that good night -- we are probably in for one of the bloodiest and dirtiest months of Presidential campaigning this country has ever seen.

Get ready for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, gang (and the Kerry campaign folks) 'cause here it comes, ready or not.

vrangel said...

In a world according to clueless deranged left
clueless deranged Al Gore is the President.

Keep dreaming.

Vadergrrrl said...

Great point, democracy is a great thing.

1. I dont think anyone won.
2. The debate freeked me out and scared me more. Im worried about my brother going back to Iraq. I want him to stay alive.
3. Bush is not a very good debater. He said um, and fumbled way too much. Kerry repeated himself too much, and looks like a hypocrite calling our troops warriors after what he said about Vietnam Vets.
4. I love my country but fear my government

What is the price of freedom?

this we'll defend said...

Vadergirrll - what did he say about Vietnam vets?

Before you answer, please read this:

Thanks. and thanks for your comments. I pray for your brother's safety.

this we'll defend said...

Oh, and your last question?

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

this we'll defend said...

Fbg46 - good comment. Thanks. You should blog yourself.

Frater Bovious said...

1. Kerry won the debate.
2. No, my vote did not change. Despite his pronouncements that he can do better, he failed to convince me.
3. Bush looked like a deer in the headlights about three times. One really long uncomfortable time. He seemed tired. Maybe it's been to long since his last 'vacation'.
4. All the polls are more entertaining than enlightening at present. We'll most likely see more fluctuation after the next debate, etc.

The most interesting thing to me was the discussion about N. Korea. I felt that was the most instructional since it showed two very different approaches to dealing with an international policy issue that did not really have the benefit of hindsight or casualty counts to refer to. It was kind of a control question, in a way. By that I mean like when you have a control group in a product testing situation, where some people are given a drug, and some a placebo, and a control group given nothing. It is an issue about which there have been very few soundbites, and not much publicity when especially as compared to Swift Boat and Memogate. So, when they were talking, they were in voter uncharted territory, and I feel some of the most honest debate occurred with that topic. I came away from that feeling that Bush was following the correct course.

Other than that, I found most of the give and take to be inconsequential. fb