Friday, January 30, 2009

McConnell says GOP "must change"

"After crushing defeats in back-to-back elections, the top Senate Republican warned Thursday that the GOP risks remaining out of power in the White House and Congress unless it better explains its core principles to woo one-time faithful and new loyalists."

What is amazing to me is that McConnell thinks that the "core principles", as operationalized over the past 10 years,are attractive to more than a minority of the population.

As I read further, it seems that the GOP feels that their "message" is either not getting out or is misunderstood. Are they unable to understand that it is not a matter of "message", but the impact of their rule that has turned off so many voters.

What planet are these people living on?


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sheerahkahn said...

May I humbly suggest to Mr. Mconnell that if the path you think you're taking is a good one, and everyone else is bailing on you...not saying you're wrong or anything...just saying that you might want to take another look at the map of Constitutional common sense before further compounding your political isolation by insisting everything is okay.