Friday, January 30, 2009

Down with the Old, Up with the New

Probably no photo of the Iraq invasion has been hyped more than the pictures of a statue of Saddam being toppled in Baghdad.

Since then, some of those who participated in toppling the statue have expressed regrets.

Now a new monument has been erected concerning the war.

Why would children at an orphanage assist an artist to memorialize the shoe recently thrown at George Bush?

From David Knowles:
But why are these Iraqis so ungrateful to our former president given that the tyrant who led them, Saddam Hussein, has been deposed and executed? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that 5.1 million Iraqis were displaced by the war and the sectarian violence that ensued. According to the International Organization for Migration, that figure represents the largest human relocation in modern times.

Consider, too, the mind-boggling number of orphans caused by the war. The Iraqi Government estimates that the conflict has left 5 million children without parents.

Given these hard realities, perhaps a shoe-sculpture can be viewed as a civilized reaction to the legacy of Mr. Bush.

Surely a totally unexpected monument to your legacy, Mr Bush!



Publius said...

Al, although I understand exactly where these kids are coming from, in the interests of full disclosure, it probably wouldn't hurt to note that Tikrit is Saddam's hometown. Just as parts of Texas will always love GW Bush and even Nixon had supporters in Whittier, there's probably still some love for ol' Saddam in Tikrit.

sheerahkahn said...

regardless, I happen to like the emblem of the shoe...which, in retrospect, makes me sad that our own MSM didn't have the courage of their convictions to remove their shoes and pitch them at the whoever the White House speaker was at the time.
A pity the TV's could register impacts from the shoes being thrown by the electorate.

basilbeast said...

Amazing that the iconic image of this misadventure could turn out to be a giant shoe.