Thursday, August 26, 2004

CBFTW is no longer posting

Sad but true. I'm sure there were good reasons for it. All of his posts are gone. :( I sure hope he saved them (or somebody saved them) and all of the great comments.

I understand OPSEC but it still seems pretty extreme. I wonder if he was ordered to or if he just got pissed and did it himself.

I also wonder if, somewhere in the chain of command above common sense, some asshole made a call that his CO, BN CO, BDE CO, and others did not make - that he had to stop and the posts had to go.

I hope he did it himself. I would be disappointed in my Army if the Army ordered the site taken down.

He sure left with style, though - quoting:

Ever Get the Feeling You've Been Cheated?"- last words Johnny Rotten spit on stage at the Sex Pistols last gig in 1978.

FUCK EMI was a Sex Pistols song too. Maybe we should drop the "E" - I don't mean the branch, I mean the decision to take it down.

Good luck CB - I sure hope we hear more from you, and soon. You have real talent.


vrangel said...

This sucks. I remember when great blog of infantry soldier in Sadr-city was shut down.
It happened in exactly the same abrupt fashion. He left small note just like CB and took everything down.
Seems to be standard procedure.

Have a look:

I remember his posts about terps he knew: small, warm and funny personal stories. And then he would in one sentense describe the way mookies killed them.

All gone.

vrangel said...

On the other hand here is a lame milblogger with nothing to worry about.

He posted today that his highers told him they love his stuff and he should continue.


Captain Holly said...

I'm not sure why CB shut down. But I'm not surprised. His comments section had gotten out of control. He probably decided it just wasn't worth it, considering everything else he had on his plate.

tim mccolgan said...

Ain't that a bitch....I had a feeling this was coming. I was hoping perhaps the old posts would remain. I was wanting my son to read some of the older ones, to give him a sense of what sacrifices our military guys (and gals) are making for us. Hindsight is 20-20, but i wish i would have printed them. So CB, if youre still out there reading these posts...Thanks for Everything. You truly kick ass. You left an indelible mark on a huge amount of people. Killer exit quote, too. Very fitting. Stay safe, & come home safely.....

~Jen~ said...

I posted this in my comments section today:
I was at work last night late, and I think he ended it
because he was hacked.

Yesterday he took the NPR story off his site. Well, last night, all of a sudden it reappeared some how. He wrote a new post that said if he takes something off that there must be a good reason why, so don't repost it (he was referring to the NPR post).

Then a few minutes later, he changed the title of the post, added a please or a thank you or something, but kept the message the same. I had a feeling this was the end, so I kept checking every few minutes.I think it was an hour or so later when the whole thing just disappeared.

It looked like he had been hacked, because that original post he had deleted was completely back, with comments and everything. It was weird.

I think he quit for many reason - pressure of being scrutinized, the comment section turned wacky, the press, white house and pentagon picked up on him, NPR blasted his name, rank and unit all over, and if he really did get hacked...well, that would be the final straw for me.

I wish it didn't have to be this way, but it sure was an amazing experience while it lasted.

And what a great quote to end with!!!!! :)