Friday, June 12, 2009

The Lunatic Fringe

Over some wine and cheese last night, an Oxford educated, local retired Greek cardiologist and I pondered a variety of things, large and small. In a semi-joking way, while discussing the differences between American and European socio-political culture, he said that in the area of lunatic fringe violence, America seems to have it backwards. In Europe, it's the left wing fanatics that are known for violence and assassinations. Conservative political leaders need greater security than left wing ones. In the US, he observed, it seems that right wingers are the people to fear. He, as do most Europeans, fear for an liberal, African American President's safety.

Paul Krugman seems to have the same view!

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basilbeast said...

And I doubt Europe is stuffed as full of privately owned weapons as the US is.

A further topic you might get into, since the debate about health care is heating up in the US, is the type of health care your Greek philoi have, as well as other countries you may know of.