Monday, June 04, 2007

Read My Mind

This veteran's words express my feelings exactly. This guy has been there, done that, got the t-shirt, came home, and now wants to know WTF the Democrats are thinking in backing down to President Bush. He was and is proud to be a soldier, he sees the Army and his reserve unit being ground down around him, and he wants something done.

He writes:
Despite the fact that I signed on the dotted line and promised to defend America, chickenhawk conservatives would accuse me of being a communist and a bad Soldier. Never mind that I abhor Communism and earned several medals for my military service. To them, being a good Soldier meant agreeing with conservative policy and keeping your mouth shut. I always told them that if they thought I was doing such a bad job then they should enlist and take my place. Then I'd hear a million excuses as to why they don't want to sign up. And when I mentioned Bush's cuts to VA funding and the like, they'd just respond with "well Democrats did it during the 90's", as if that made it alright. It's not alright. I don't care what party is responsible. It's wrong!

This quote is priceless:
Where is your spine, Democrats? Why is it that you constantly cave to the conservatives as they destroy our country and military? What will it take for you to grow a pair and take charge? We gave you the keys to the country for a reason! Take charge, dammit!
The response to the State of the Union address by Sen. Webb should have set the tone. Either Bush backs down and lets the People change his policies, or we will show him the way - and the door.

For the sake of our troops, our nation, our freedom, and our children, write to your Congressperson and demand impeachment. Don't buy into the "oh, they don't have the votes and he would not be removed from office" crap. It isn't about that. It is about the impeachment trial that would finally force this president to answer questions that should have been asked and answered for years.

Impeach, dammit!


Sheerahkahn said...

I find it was rather disconcerting, and disheartening to hear the Dem's caving in to Bush.
They weren't elected to politic, they were elected to put the hammer down on Bush's imperialistic mindset and to dismantle Cheney's desire for an Presidential Emperor.
Alas, hope and expectation has been undone by the Dem's desire to game the throne, and keep what has been established.
More to pity do we have.
Personally, impeach them all.

basilbeast said...

oh don't be so cruel, S. The Dems do not have the votes to overide any veto that Bush will use, b/c the Reps can't fight for their country and the Dems want to set up a political situation where they cannot be blamed for "losing the war". The Dems will continue to pick away until the Iraq issue is resolved, however it IS resolved.

I've read that Vietnam was not ended in a blaze of glory on Capitol Hill, but by the same strategy of picking away at political support for the war effort.

Right now, I'm happily watching some deserving administration lackeys get righteously spanked.

Did you see the video of Bradley Scholzman before Sen. Leahy's committee?

Excellent, in my best Mr. Burns voice.