Tuesday, October 05, 2004

In the VP debate tonight, Cheney has claimed:

1. That the "coalition" we have today just as strong as the one in 1991.

2. That he never said Saddam and 9/11 were linked.

3. He says the Bush campaign has never criticized Kerry's patriotism.

4. That when Sen. Edwards said 90% of the casualties in the coalition were Americans, Sen. Edwards was "demeaning" the sacrifices of the ING (Iraqis).

5. He says the Bush administration has created 1.7 million jobs.

6. He says the Bush team will drive the deficit down 50 percent in the course of the next five years. He also wants to make the tax cuts for those making over $200,000 a year permanent.

7. That the Bush administration has done a lot to reduce the cost of health care.

8. He says the Army has never asked for more troops in Iraq.

9. He says we don't need more American troops in Iraq, all we need is to get the Iraqis into the fight.

10. He says he doesn't know why the nation is so divided today, more than it was four years ago.

11. He says that the Bush administration reaches out to democrats, and mentioned ZELL MILLER as an example of that.

12. He says the Bush administration has put our economy on the "upward path."

13. He says the Bush adminstration will do everything it can to preserve Social Security (see number 6 for a clue on how to do that).

14. He says the only viable option to win the war on terror is the one Bush has chosen.

Sure sounds great. He was really laid-back and not the attack dog he usually is (because he wants to be a nice guy).

Hey, just because all of those things aren't true doesn't mean they don't sound great.

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fbg46 said...

In the first debate, we got the Feckless Fratboy version of arrogance and petulance; last night we got the Coddled CEO version. Neither one plays well.

As he continues his slow transformation from human being to a creature looking something like Jabba The Hut, the Veep last night forgot what his job was supposed to be. On the other hand, John Edwards didn't forget what his job was. Both of them were there to carry water for the top of their respective tickets. Edwards did a masterful job of doing that -- his responses were All Kerry All The Time.

Cheney, however, apparently forgot who is allegedly the President -- probably because he, like the rest of us, knows that he is in fact the President. Anyway, instead of extolling the virtues of Dear Leader, he spent most of his time trying, largely unsuccessfully, to attack Kerry and Edwards. This was a major mistake, and points to a serious problem for BC04. If this late in the day they still have to attack the challenger instead of ignoring him and getting on with the serious business of telling us how lucky we are to have them, something is way wrong. (Flash back to '96, when Clinton basically ignored Bob Dole for the last two months of the campaign, reducing Dole to whining about "Where's the outrage?" for the model of how an incumbent does it right.)

BC04 is in the position of the man racing across the pond -- since its record, both domestic and foreign is indefensible, it's tring to distract an ever-distractable media and voters with smoke and mirrors; SwiftVets, "flip-flopper", etc., etc., etc. -- while running over water to get to the other side.

The other side of the pond for BC04 is November 3d; it just wants to keep us all distracted long enough to get through the election (Karl's job), and then it will try to figure out how to spend the next four years given the mess it's created over the prior four years (Veep's and Karl's job).

The problem for BC04 is that the cardinal rule for running across the pond is don't slow down, because if you do, you fall in.

The slowing down process has begun big time: Dear Leader's messy suicide attempt on national TV in the first debate, Bremer and Rumsfeld deciding now would be a good time to tell something approximating the truth, and Duelfer's report which consists of 1000 pages of "Ummm, well there aren't any WMD nor have there been any for quite awhile."

But the biggest slow down may be Cheney's constant lying about things big and small during the debate. It got him off the stage in relatively ok shape, but now the backlash is beginning, and it's not going to stop. The reason? Because for the normally cowed media, election season is like a giant King's X; they get to ask hard questions of Dear Leader and the Veep and don't have to worry about too much retaliation because they get to say it's all part of The Democratic Process and who could be against that?

Now, it all comes down to Bush -- can he pull himself together and give a half-way credible (in other words, a half-way Presidential - looking) performance in the remaining two debates? Smart money says No -- he didn't have the Veep along with him when talking to the 9/11 Commission nor does he only appear before pre-selected audiences for no reason. He simply can't take the heat and has accordingly avoided it as much as he can.

But he can't avoid it anymore.